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With our sometimes very changeable winter conditions in Central Europe, your material is increasingly stressed and has to survive some hellish rides. And let's be honest, there's nothing worse than a worn-out, slow surface that doesn't get up to speed or completely worn edges that no longer offer any grip no matter how hard you try.

It just so happens that we at powderforce.com have the necessary know-how and a fully equipped snowboard workshop to keep your snowboard fit all winter long. Located under our Store in Pforzheim, we have years of experience in our service workshop We have already achieved many miracles in repairing, grinding and waxing snowboards. From simple tuning to the damage caused by the biggest impact of your last season, we are here for you and your board!

Our service

We will help you adapt your brand new dream setup perfectly to you and your needs or save your long-standing companion from the trash can. We are proud of our snowboard service and have set ourselves the goal of offering you an all-round perfect snowboard service.

No two snowboards are the same, which is why we pay particular attention to the different conditions of your snowboard and carry out every service painstakingly by hand. We are supported by high-end tools and machines from the brands TOKO, Swix, Holmenkol and Reichmann.

Our service times

Although we are confident that we can offer you a fast and reliable service all year round, with the first snowflakes it can happen that our service workshop is bursting at the seams with orders. Please give us a quick call during the peak season and ask about the current service times before you leave your board with us for care.

NoteOur regular service day is Wednesdays. If you order your snowboard from us in the Pforzheim store by Tuesday evening, it will usually be ready for pickup on Thursday! In particularly urgent cases, we will of course also start the machines for you outside of our service day.

Beyond our advertised snowboard service, we are always open to your wishes. A special angle of the edges or a special wax? No problem! Please contact us during your next visit to our Store in Pforzheim and we will help you to find the optimal service for your needs.

We look forward to seeing you!