Johnny Schillereff, a former skateboarder and enthusiast of the scene, founded ELEMENT in 1992 in beautiful Atlanta. Back then, the brand was still known under the name "Underworld Element". After a few larger changes in the company, Johnny chose to use a different name and to create a new logo. ELEMENT was born and the tree, that makes up the brand logo, could take root. Nature is very important to the brand, which is why the slogan "Wind Water Fire Earth" is a perfect fit.

Pushing limits and innovating skateboarding - that is ELEMENT's organisational philosophy. Since the company is so connected to nature, you can be sure that you will only have the best of the best under your feet. ELEMENT stands for being kinder to mother nature and respecting the environment.

Skate legends such as Chad Muska and Bam Margera, who are also known due to their music or films, love to ride ELEMENT decks. Their skateboards' durability and high quality fabrication sets a benchmark for the industry. The product selection ranges from t-shirts and hoodies all the way to pants, swimwear and sneakers. As you can see, these guys are prepared for everything! They even have stylish backpacks for you. Accessories like beanies, caps, belts and wallets always come in handy and can pep up any outfit.