Oneballjay started as an experimental surf wax project in 1986, and in the summer the skaters Jay Rota and Matt Cummins discovered surfing as a new alternative. While surfing they decided to develop their own surf wax and their first attempts were terrible. But the wax was constantly improved and in the winter of the same year the two Oneballjay founders already developed their first own snowboard wax made of Canning Paraffin with graphite. Their friends Mike Olson and Peter Saari from Mervin were the first to receive the new snowboard wax to try it out.

Through a skateboarding accident Jay got his nickname "Oneball" and the name of the company was born. No worries, meanwhile Jay has two healthy children, but he couldn't get rid of the nickname. The production was constantly expanded and more and more snowboard stores all over the world heard about the authentic wax with the extraordinary name. When Matt Cummins finally became a team rider of GNU Snowboards, the company grew bigger and bigger. In 1991 the worldwide professional distribution of Oneball Wax for extravagant snowboarders and skiers started.