Street-, skate- and surfwear are the three pillars of the fashion label FORVERT. The brand is very passionate about what they sell. The label was founded in 1998 in the Belgian Quarter of Cologne, an alternative neighborhood in the city. FORVERT's designs often combine elements of nature, urban life and pop culture into one cohesive collection and draw their inspiration from art, music, literature and sports.

FORVERT is probably most famous for their practical, stylish backpacks. The "Louis" is their top-selling model - just take a five minute walk through a high school or university in Germany and you're bound to see a million of them. Today, Louis comes in lots of different colorways and patterns. Whether colorful or monochrome, patterned or sleek, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Different needs require different designs: there's a Laptop Louis and a Ripstop Louis, for example. If you're looking for a new backpack, our FORVERT brand page should be your starting point!

Whether jackets, pants, t-shirts or accessories, FORVERT's number one priority is making unique items for unique individuals. Every single product they make has its own serial number. FORVERT embodies the philosophy, "sustainably produced, honest and unique fashion"!