The project "hä?" started in autumn 2006 by pure coincidence. At that time, the two founders Mat and Seb Bumann did not yet know that they HÄ? would accompany over the whole years. The first products were a hand-crocheted headband and a beanie, which are still in the range today!

Since 1991, Mat & Seb are ravenous snowboarders. Both of them drove quite a few contests at a young age and traveled across Europe and around the world. But a few years ago, they turned their back on the contest world and concentrated more on the backcountry. Through all this experience you have met many people and good snowboarders & freeskiers, who are all in the HÄ? family today. Thus, the products of HÄ? tested hardest on and off the mountain almost every day and the constant exchange with the HÄ? family ensures that the products meet all requirements.

Although HÄ? The two founders have never forgotten their roots, despite the fact that they have grown strongly and now have the opportunity to produce all products on fair terms in India. They know to whom they owe it that after 10 years they can still do what they love. Her grandmother, mother and acquaintance, who have been helping with manual labor almost since the first day, are still responsible for a part of the assortment. At the moment, many headbands, neckwarmers and beanies are still made by hand in Valais, and that is probably going to stay that way forever. P>