The founder of POW, Dustin Goss, came in the year of his glove fire on the way to a ski resort in a violent snowstorm - the birth of POW Gloves. POW does not stand for Prisoner of War, but for "Prisoner Of Winter". In 2013, the tenth collection POW gloves appeared. Hardly any brand has managed to make a name for itself in such a short time as POW has done in the first 10 years of hard work.

The goal of Dustin and his team was to develop gloves that impress with their simplicity and functionality. They have already achieved this goal, POW gloves offer best durability at a fair prices in a fine look. POW became well known for its excellent and super-cut leather gloves, which are today available with various membranes such as GoreTex gives.

With gloves from POW you are well prepared for the spring and winter, because POW produces not only thick winter gloves, but of course also Pipegloves for your jumping session and the warm days on the mountain. This makes every day unforgettable!