About powderforce

Why we?

  • Individual and personal advice from experts
  • Powderforce.com is made up of real snowboarders. We live the sport!
  • Over 99% of the items on powderforce.com are available on our stock!
  • Immediate availability through direct storage connection
  • Secure transmission of all customer, payment and privacy data
  • Personal contact and help with problems (no call center!)
  • Spare Parts Service
  • Fast shipping (within 24h for orders until 14h within Germany)
  • Shipping insurance included
  • Free shipping from 40 € within Germany
  • Free gifts on orders over 50 €

Our history

The name powderforce was launched in the winter of 2000/01 by snowboarders during an maniac trip in the powder of Saas-Fee. Even then it was recognized that there was a lack of specialists in the snowboarding segment who were totally committed to sport - but, contrary to short-term trends, we dedicated ourselves to the technical part of the sport.

In the course of this a snowboard internet community was founded in 2001 from snowboarder addicts for snowboarders. Since then the number of special snowboard online shops was very low, in 2002 a small but select number of snowboard products were sold online. Already at this time every single piece was tested in the selection of the products and only products were included in the webshop that we would drive and wear ourselves. This criterion is still considered the top priority for selection in our webshop.

Im Zuge der Internationalisierung wurde im Winter 2003/04 der Onlineshop www.powderforce.com gegründet und wächst seitdem Jahr für Jahr in seiner Marken- und Produktvielfalt. powderforce.com war damit der erste Webshop, der sich auf das "Snowboard Online Shopping" spezialisierte und nicht vom stationären Handel her sich entwickelte. Da aber die Anzahl der Kunden im Umfeld immer größer wurde und die Ware direkt anprobieren und "anfassen" wollte, entschloss man sich 2006 dazu einen Showroom zu eröffnen, in der der Großteil der Produkte ausgestellt wurde.

In the course of internationalization, the online shop www.powderforce.com was founded in the winter of 2003/04 and has been growing year by year in brand and product diversity. This made powderforce.com the first webshop to specialize in "snowboard online shopping" rather than stationary retailing. However as the number of customers in the area grew larger and the goods wanted to try and "touch" directly, they decided in 2006 to open a showroom in which the majority of the products was issued.