K2 Snowboarding

K2 Snowboards sprung out of K2 Sports. In the 1960s K2 Sports founder Bill Kirschner started developing and producing the first fiber-glass skis. In the 1980s the company decided to dive into the newly evolved snowboarding market and produced their first bright, neon snowboard, called the "Gyrator", in 1988. It became an important part of of snowboarding?s history and is still a collector?s favourite . Even though emerging originally from a ski brand, K2 Snowboarding is considered one of the few core snowboard companies.

Making a name for itself as an innovative brand, always on the hunt for new technologies, K2 Snowboards have debuted a step-in binding system called the "Clicker" in the mid 1990s (didn't nail it with that one though) and are also part of the reason rocker?s made its comeback into snowboards.

Apart from snowboards and bindings K2 Snowboards also successfully produces boots and goggles. All of K2?s range is available for men, women as well as kids. The complete range of snowboarding styles is covered with options for all mountain, freestyle, jib, powder and splitboards.

K2 Snowboards team consist of a versatile mix of snowboarding's sickest shredders. Riders like Jake Kuzyk, Tim Eddy or Silje Norendal not only test but also help develop the gear they ride, so it can be taken as a given, that these shred sticks won't disappoint. In a tight collaboration with team rider Danny Larsen, the master of methods and artist at heart, his dark and awesome drawings are gracing several board and apparel graphics.