Not many brands have had such an impact on the snowboard industry in recent years as BATALEON. BATALEON snowboards feature their patented 3D base geometries (3BT) and have been at the forefront of a snowboarding revolution. If you?re looking for snowboard technology that works, then BATALEON has your back.

3BT is based on the idea that when you turn your board the torsional twist in the nose and tail are fighting against you, thus making it harder to turn. By lifting the edges outside the contact points, 3BT counteracts the torsional twist making the edge more efficient when turning. This gives you great edge hold and a more playful and forgiving ride.

As one of the fastest growing snowboard brands in the world with a pro team including the likes of Ethan Morgan and Tor Lundstrom, it's clear that 3BT works and is here to stay. All BATALEON boards are hand-built in Austria at the Mothership with focus on craftsmanship and exceptional materials. Not only do BATALEON boards ride well but they look great, with graphics that stand out from the crowd.