Smith I/O Ersatzglas Gold Sol-X Mirror

Smith I/O Ersatzglas Gold Sol-X Mirror


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Lens Color:
Gold Sol-X Mirror
VLT / Category:
7 % / 4

Dark sienna brown, Sol-X base lens tint with a multi-layer gold mirror cuts glare and reduces eye fatigue in sunny conditions.


  • Spherical, Carbonic-X Lens with TLT Optics
    Smith has set the standard in lens performance. All Vaporator, Turbo Fan, and Regulator Series lenses feature a Carbonic-X outer lens. Each one is individually molded to offer optimum scratch and impact resistance, increased visual acuity, and enhanced contrast sensitivity. The inner lens is impregnated with our Anti-Fog lens treatments for increased anti-fog performance. The Carbonic-X lens meets Class 1 optical standards as well as ANSI Z80.3 standards. There is simply no better lens.
  • 5X Anti-Fog Inner Lens
    The most advanced anti-fog lens ever created. Building upon the hydrophilic, micro-etched surface area principles of our Fog-X lenses, our revolutionary, new 5X Anti-Fog inner lens has been engineered to provide over five times the absorptive properties of anything on the market. Initial testing showed standard anti-fog lenses fogging between 30-50 seconds. Smith?s proprietary, 5X Anti-Fog material withstood fogging for over 120 seconds in controlled lab tests.
  • Patented Vaporator Lens Technology with Porex Filter
    The most advanced thermal lens ever. Patented Vaporator silicone seal creates an airtight, bomb-proof seal, eliminating lens delamination. Coupled with our patented Porex filter, the thermal lens adjusts to air pressure and elevation changes while preventing water vapor entry.
Lens color VLT Category
Clear 84% 0
Gold Sensor Mirror 70% 1
Blue Sensor Mirror 70% 1
Red Sensor Mirror 60% 1
Gold Lite 55% 1
Photochromic Red Sensor Mirror 50-20% 1-2
RC36 36% 2
Ignitor Mirror 35% 2
Platinum Mirror 25% 2
Polarized Rose Copper 25% 2
Red Sol-X Mirror 17% 3
Green Sol-X Mirror 15% 3
Blackout 10% 3
Gold Sol-X Mirror 7% 4