Nidecker SCORE

Nidecker SCORE


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  • ArtikelNr.: N790211
  • Kategorie: Snowboard Men
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The Score is designed for riders who enjoy high-speed runs and want to improve their all mountain skills as fast as they like to ride. Easy to control and soft enough to offer a smooth, fatigue free ride, the Score will give you the confidence you need to progress quickly. The directional shape with only a 1cm difference between the nose and the tail gives the board great drive, and makes it easy to ride switch. It features: our standard Full Wood Core, made of poplar combined with beech reinforcements in the nose and tail for optimum lightness, pop, responsiveness and durability; and our time tested, Classic Sandwich construction, built using the high quality materials that let us produce great performing boards that don´t break the bank.

  • Construction: Classic Sandwich
  • Top: Absorbnid
  • Inserts: 4/2-5
  • Fiberglass: Dual PLUS
  • Core: Full Wood Core
  • Base: N-5000
  • Extra: Matte finish - Wood transparency