Electric EG2 Gloss Black / Bronze/Red Chrome + Lens

Electric EG2 Gloss Black / Bronze/Red Chrome + Lens
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  • Item no.: EG0515001BRDC
  • Category: Goggles
Lens Color:
Bronze/Red Chrome
Frame Color:
Gloss Black
Strap Color:
Bonus lens color:
Light Green

It's hard to imagine how we moved about the mountain before the Electric EG2 Goggles. Could we see trees and people, or just a hazy blur of snow and shapes? Since its inception, the EG2 has a pure and simple goal - reduce the frame size, increase vision to HD status, and do it all with obscene amounts of style. Oversized isn't supersized and you won't catch flak from big-city mayors for having such a large field of vision.

The thermoplastic urethane used in the frame isn't an illness but rather molecular magic. Shaped for maximum comfort, this plastic polymer stays flexible when the bottoms drops out of the thermometer, and resists getting roughed by up branches, poles, or car doors. The oversized dual spherical polycarbonate lens lets you see the clouds above, the snow below, and the skiers and trees on the sides as your ride by. Fog cloud your vision due to the Super Anti-Fog coating, and Super Anti-Reflective coating protects you eyes from glow-back of sun on snow.

The frames play well with helmets so you no longer have to choose between protecting your brain and protecting your eyeballs. A 43mm strap keeps the goggles firmly fixed in place, and triple-layer face foam keeps your cheeks happy. The included microfiber bag helps protect your EG2 goggles from boot bottoms and plank edges when you throw them in the back of the van.


  • Mold Injected Thermo-Plastic Urethane Frame
    Highly flexible scratch resistant material allows for maximum shape retention during extremely low temperatures and varying weather conditions.
  • Oversized Dual Spherical Polycarbonate Lens
    Climate-controlled environment created between the interior sealed space and exterior thermal barrier, prevents fogging in varying weather conditions.
  • Super Anti-Fog And Anti-Scratch Hard Coatings
    Hydro-phobic coating absorbs moisture before fog can form on the inner lens. Applied to the outer lens, the hard coating creates a proper seal against the elements and protects against lens scratching.
  • Super A/R Coating Anti-Reflective Technology
    Prevents light from reflecting off the back surface of the lens into the rider's eyes, improving eye comfort and visibility.
  • Contoured Triple Layer Face Foam
    Moisture wicking, hypo-allergenic polar fleece lined, multi layered face foam enhances fit, comfort and performance.
  • Frame Ventilation
    Engineered for maximum airflow, vent positioning and frame density keep hot air circulating up and out slowly, reducing eye watering and lens fogging.
  • Frame And Nose Bridge Slits
    Strategically positioned slits allow for maximum frame flexibility and improved fit and comfort.
  • 43mm Strap With Adjuster
  • Helmet Compatible Frame
  • Suede Goggle Bag and Yellow Replacement Lens Included
  • Lens color VLT* CAT*
    Jet Black 5 - 6 % 4
    Bronze / Silver Chrome 12 - 13 % 3
    Bronze / Gold Chrome 14 - 22 % 3
    Bronze / Red Chrome 14 - 21 % 3
    Bronze / Blue Chrome 18 - 22 % 2
    Blue 54 - 56 % 1
    Blue / Silver Chrome 16 - 29 % 2
    Grey 43 - 56 % 1
    Grey / Silver Chrome 20 - 32 % 2
    Yellow 67 - 70 % 1
    Yellow / Silver Chrome 30 - 42 % 2
    Rose 22 - 32 % 2
    Rose / Blue Chrome 26 - 38 % 2
    Clear 81 - 83 % 0

    *VLT / Visual Light Transmittance:
    Visual light transmittance, or VLT, is the amount of visual light transmitted through the lens. VLT percentage is directly proportional to the amount of light transmitted through the lens. A lower VLT percentage allows less light to pass through the lens making a darker tint more suitable for sunny conditions; a higher VLT percentage allows increased amounts of light through the lens making this tint more suitable for low light conditions.

    *CAT / Category:
    The lens category indicates the amount or light transmission by the lens. Categories range from 0-4. Category-0 lenses are either transparent or slightly tinted, most suitable for night wear. Category-4 lenses are very darkly tinted and recommended for extremely bright light conditions.